What if set-backs were your best opportunity to move forward?

...The same thing happens with people.  Maybe you have several teams members that were making a lot of progress on a particular project, then one day they come in excitedly energized by... something else.  People are easily distracted by things, which can be frustrating.  But that distraction brings with it an increase in energy that could be useful for the work at hand.

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What if this whole vision thing is wrong?

Companies create a vision.  Athletes and performers use visualization as part of their non-negotiable daily practice.  Scientific studies have even shown that people can get a 13.5% increase in muscle mass just through visualization.  Having a clear vision of the success you want to achieve is considered a must by most high performers nowadays.

But, what if vision was a misnomer?  What if what made it all work wasn't the actual vision, but something much deeper and more basic to life?

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