This class is highly interactive (but no silly games that embarrass you!).  In it, you will come to not only truly understand great leadership, but to feel it, as well.  And we'll do this while solving real leadership problems at your company. 

This class is designed for high retention of information and immediately applicable changes everyone can make.  It also creates a safe environment for growth where there are no "bad leaders", just people who care and want to find their own best possible leadership behaviors.

This class will create genuine and lasting cohesiveness while building each leader's unique abilities in creating alignment, productivity, and happiness.

You will leave this class with a thorough understanding and application of the following: 

-The surprising true essence of leadership and why it's is so important for attracting, retaining and utilizing talented people (this alone could be worth $7000-$20,000 in acquisition, on-boarding, and training costs if it saves even one new hire from leaving)

-The 4 Levels of Leadership (plus we'll identify and tackle the many hidden stresses each day that are surreptitiously undermining your ability to lead effectively)

-Why society’s notion of stress is completely backwards and cripples your capacity to grow others

-The importance of decisions and grounding in making a leader, or a company, follow-able (plus we'll fix a myriad of hidden areas lacking true decisions and causing anxiety, friction, and inefficiencies that result in thousands and thousands of dollars in waste)

-How to handle rules, hierarchy, and responsibility so they strengthen alignment instead of shutting people down

-An intriguing look at how we're designed to align with each other, along with the fundamental difference between fighting and playing and how to choose "playing"

-Putting it all together: How to be a person who can utilize natural, daily stress to create alignment, productivity, and happiness

-We'll end with developing a clear plan for how to align hiring, training, and career paths with growth-based leadership so you get cost-saving and earnings-increasing ideas and implementation at all layers of your organization, making your company more profitable and a better place to work

-Bonus: Turning stress into alignment, productivity and happiness is great for the health of your em ployees, too!  Fewer costly sick days and medical problems.

This class is for you if you:

  • Are looking for fresh, new, out-of-the box ideas about leadership
  • Serve in any kind of leadership role, whether unofficial or official (the more variety, the better the discussions!)
  • Appreciate really good training and deep learning
  • Understand that everything worth doing requires commitment and effort
  • See that people are what drive success
  • Want to get the maximum effort out of your people while making them happier
  • Are prepared for the fact that leadership is, first and foremost, about improving yourself

This class is NOT for people who:

  • Are looking for a quick fix for people problems
  • Think that people are expendable
  • Enjoy dominance-based leadership
  • Are unwilling to work on themselves
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Sheri is the founder and teacher of Wild Plum Leadership. Using lessons originally learned from artistic horse training, she combines this leadership skill with her extensive background in corporate leadership and the latest discoveries in physics to teach you how to lead so people want to follow and give their all.

Sheri continually trains in various aspects of leadership with several renowned teachers. Her most demanding training, though, comes from the horses with whom she’s working to produce an inspiring display of beautiful leadership in the art of horse dancing.