High-end Farm Fare

exquisitely flavored-  highly nutritious-  naturally raised

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Grass-Fed Beef

Most people are surprised at how much better our grass-fed beef tastes than any other they've had.  I attribute it to all the minerals I feed, the variety of plants in the pasture, and our happy-to-the-end method of raising and butchering.  Our animals are professionally butchered on the farm, then taken to a local butcher shop for the rest of the processing.  Because I have my animals butchered on the farm, where they are never stressed beforehand, I have to pre-sell the live animal as whole, halfs, or quarters.  I cannot sell individual cuts of meat.  Meat is $8.00/lb, no matter how you slice it.  Join the list above to be notified when beef will be available, typically in the fall.


Wild Plum Jam

Get ready for a sweet-tart flavor explosion.  This is jam for exciting people.  Made from our very own wild plums, this is the best jam you'll ever eat.  Read how I make it here.  $8/half pint, $16/pint.  Only available in late August and early September because it sells out fast.  Join the list above to be notified when it's ready.