Stress & the YES, part 4: The Framework for Growth

stress and yes p4b.jpg

This is part 4 of a 4-part series.  It will only make sense if you have already read part 1part 2, and part 3.

The Framework for Growth: The Core P’s

Triggering the core P’s is the second step of the Stress & the YES process.  The purpose is to bring heightened awareness of them in the moment.

The 5 Core P’s are:

  • Presence
  • Promise
  • Purpose
  • Percipience
  • Profound generosity of spirit


Presence is giving the here and now primary importance.  It’s allowing the energy to flow in the moment instead of being stuck in the past or the future.  Your heightened presence alone is often enough to carry someone to their YES because the energy of stress is only bad when the person projects the past lack of flow onto the future.  Stress in the present can be used for bigger work.  Keep it present.

This works because we are designed to mirror the energy around us and the strongest, most focused energy “wins”.  If you are not present, your student's stress will be stronger.  You will inadvertently mirror their stress and then you will help them to evade it rather than hold it until it can flow.  If you have heightened presence, your student will mirror you.  Energy in the present is, by its nature, more focused than in the past or future.


The promise is implicit.  It’s not generally stated outright.  It’s says that you will never do anything that will harm the student.  The promise is something that has to be felt.  The more you declare, “I promise……”, the less believable it is.


The purpose of every truly great teacher is full self-expression of the student.  Most of them state this clearly and explicitly in their writing. 

Good teachers teach for the skills.  Great teachers teach for the Smile.

Good teachers develop our knowledge and skills.  Great teachers use the development of skills to get us to grow.


Percipience is presence plus understanding.  It’s being able to discern the true needs of the student.  It’s knowing that their stress may have started further back than when you saw it.  Or that what they need may be the opposite of what is commonly thought.

Profound Generosity of Spirit

Generosity of spirit is the willingness to be fully present and to perform to the best of your capabilities.  It’s the willingness to set aside your insecurities about yourself so that you can stay attuned to the student’s needs and act accordingly.  It’s the willingness to be vulnerable. 

These are the five traits that provide a benevolent place in which growth can occur.