True Cow Tales: Of Cows and Turkeys

cowand turkeya.png

Lat summer, a turkey nested in the tall grass in our pasture.  When it came time to graze the cows through that section of pasture, each day I would move the cows a little farther in and each day the turkey would carefully move her eleven eggs to the next section of tall grass.  

By the fourth day, she'd has enough, so she planted herself on her eggs and refused to move.  There she was, right on the middle of the next grazing section with five hungry cows coming straight at her.

I went out the next day sadly expecting to find eleven crushed eggs.  What I found instead really surprised me.  The whole section of pasture was completely grazed down except for a little circle of tall grass left right around the turkey!  The never cows even touched the turkey or her eggs.  Isn't that sweet?


This story is in my farm ice cream recipe book.  Click on the cover to view it.  Your kids will love it!