True Cow Tales: A Newborn Calf, A German Shepherd, and Some Amazing Cows

Tahlia calf  04192017 (14).JPG

It was a beautiful, sunny day.  I was standing in the pasture admiring Chocolate’s adorable new calf, Fudge, born earlier that day.  He was the first calf of the season.  Mom and the other six cows were contentedly grazing nearby. 

I casually looked up across the pasture and, to my utter surprise, found us being stalked by a very large German Sheppard that seemed to have come out of nowhere.  I openly confronted his gaze and took a bold step forward thinking, “There’s no way I’ll let that dog get this calf.  I must protect my herd.  ….What are my options?”

I needn’t have worried.  By the time that thought was completed, the cows had fully dealt with the situation.  I was standing next to the calf.  Chocolate came and stood in front of us, facing sideways so she could see both the dog and us.  The other six cows came in front of her, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, heads down at dog level, staring down the dog. 

Within seconds, seven random cows had become one impenetrable unit.  The dog left immediately.  I began to laugh once I so vividly saw how hopeless a single predator was against a group of cows.  Silly human, thinking that cows couldn’t protect their young!