Raw Milk Should Be Like Pistachio Ice Cream

normal milk_600x480.jpg

There are many commendable organizations and blogs fighting a great fight for raw milk and food freedom and I fully support them, but I think the movement is missing something.  These fights, noble as they are, inadvertently keep raw milk in the frame of "fringe", "extreme", "questionable".  Even places that just talk about it's health benefits tend to make raw milk the cure for everything (thus fringe, extreme, questionable).

I think it's time to show raw milk as good, clean, wholesome, and normal.  It's time to talk about it like a cool farm thing and regular, fun food.  I think treating raw milk like it's totally normal will do more to make it normal than fighting a fringe fight.

Don't get me wrong.  We must fight the fringe fights!  There's a time and a place for that.  But we really need for raw milk right now is to start acting like it's normal, accepted, and we've moved on.  We need to tackle this now to get to the next level of progress.

Raw milk should be like pistachio ice cream.  It's not something everyone is eating, but it's readily available to informed aficionados.  It's towards the edge of the bell curve, but within the range of normal.

When it comes to personal improvement, the single biggest thing you can do to get to the next level is to act as if you're already there.  It's precisely these actions that quickly get you there.  I believe the same holds true for many public psychological hang-ups as well.  If the face of raw milk is totally normal, people will assume that it is normal (and where have they been!) and they'll get tired of the politicians and media whining about it. 

Let's make this happen!  Normal milk.