In 2015, I developed the theory that the single biggest difference between great teachers (or any leaders) and good ones is in their relationship with stress.  The capacity to get others to grow and, consequently, to want to follow you is completely dependent upon this.  And a leader's biggest leadership ceiling is their response to other people's stress.

In a nutshell, my discovery of the Stress & the YES advantage I saw in truly masterful teachers and leaders - the ones who get extraordinary results and bring a tear to your eye - is this:

Masterful teachers actually seek the stress in the student. Then they hold the student in that stress (don't let him back away from it) or even increase it until there's enough energy available to resolve into a YES. 

Masterful teachers are able to do this because they respond positively to other people's stress, viewing it as the natural tool for getting growth.  Comparatively, average teachers try to dissipate the stress because it’s uncomfortable.  This actually prevents the growth, though.

The fact the we universally perceive these masterful teachers' work as profoundly beautiful, speaks volumes.

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