In the spring, the wild plums are one of the first things to bloom on my farm.  They're incredibly beautiful.  I know when they have bloomed by their heavenly fragrance wafting through the air, along with the buzzing of hundreds of delighted bees. 

In August, we eagerly await the ripening of the plums.  They, too, are extremely fragrant, smelling perhaps even more heavenly than the flowers.  A walk near the ripened plums is intoxicating.  Even the dogs will forgo their meat for some plums.  Then it's time to make my signature Wild Plum Jam.  The flavor is exquisite.

Plums are a very sensuous fruit, with the wild ones being ever so much more interesting than the cultivated varieties.  I imagine them to be a lot like the apples Michael Pollan writes about in The Botany of Desire, luring us in like bees to help them thrive while providing pleasure and sustenance in return. 

The plums represent the design to align, which is what my farm is all about.  From the land-plants-animals, to nutrition and flavor, from human-animal bonds, to leadership, my farm is a study in what makes things work together.  It's also about retaining some of the wildness of the plum in everyone.  

My farm was started as a raw milk micro-dairy in 2009, where I developed my own unique system of producing gently handled, rapidly cooled, nutrient dense milk that tastes amazing.  I also became known for making the best raw yogurt to be found anywhere.  And I had a lot of fun with my cows and my products (just check out my adorable ice cream book).

But now it's a place where I continually learn about, and teach, principles of beautiful leadership by studying nature's flow systems and training with my dog and my horse.  I have had horses since I was 9, and that is what I was really seeking when I started my farm. 

While I no longer sell raw milk, I can't stop milking the cows.  Nearly every great ah-ha I have had has come during, or shortly after, that peaceful, deeply connecting time of milking the cows.  I love milking the cows.

Wild Plum Farm is a place for people to connect with their true nature and enjoy delicious food.  It's a place for understanding how we are all designed to align, and a place for fun.  It's a place for learning about beautiful leadership.  It's a good place to be.

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