When I was 15, I stood in front of a mirror, wearing a beautiful white dress, and declared that what I wanted to do with my life was "to create beauty" - the beauty I had seen years before in the space between a man and his horse.

I was first inspired by horse trainer Nuno Oliveira.  It was from him that I came to understand that leadership should be beautiful.  Now that I finally see what the beautiful masters are doing, the challenge is for me to finally become one.

To dance freely with a horse in exquisite form - that has been my dream since I saw the picture of Nuno at age 11.  It has been thwarted by a lifetime of "not good enough".  But no longer.  To partake in such beauty is a dream I cannot let go.

Throughout history, many of the greatest leaders have been, first and foremost, great horsemen and women.  They are people that have had almost mystical relationships with their horses.  This is not a coincidence.

To be a great leader is a spiritual act.  And horses are so tuned to humans, they become a direct reflection of our souls and show us our truest intentions.  They are great teachers, indeed.  

To inspire someone deeply, as I have been inspired, one's work needs to be taken to the level of art.  I believe that leadership taken to an art is best displayed with a horse - a magnificently powerful, incredibly sensitive, highly sentient being very tuned to humans. The beauty of the horse is almost universally felt and many a child grows up with a yearning to be "accepted" by a horse.

I am not yet one of the most highly masterful of leaders, but I have a clear path to get there.  My art will be a beautiful display of horse dancing intertwined, almost ethereally, with touching lessons of how to be a great leader.  

I now train daily with my horse and my dog.  I have started this journey in 2017.  It will likely take 5-10 years to become who I need to be, and to bring this to fruition.  I will give periodic updates about this amazing journey of a lifetime, and I hope that you will be inspired long before the art is ready.